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The Smurfs 2 Movie, Reviews and Trailers

This unique Plugged In Rating for families is based on a movie’s content elements and worldview, not necessarily its artistic qualities. The more the green fills the plugs, the more family friendly a movie is.

Double Aesop : As he reassures Papa Smurf that he counts as Smurfette’s real father by being there for her when she needed a father figure, Patrick realizes the same thing applies to his stepfather Victor, who he earlier rejected. Eat The Camera : A transition starts with the camera zooming into a Smurf’s mouth and changes to it zooming out of Smurfette’s mouth as she’s calling for help.

This time, it’s Greedy, Harmony, and three precariously balanced Smurfs on Disc One. Disc Two features a Smurf with a movie camera, a Smurf wrestling with old film stock, a laughing Smurf and Papa Smurf – reminiscent of a “movie” theme that may remind you of the Movie Smurf Series of figurines. Disc One: The Magic Egg / Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes / Supersmurf, The Baby Smurf / The Fake Smurf, Paradise Smurfed / Sir Hefty / The Purple Smurfs, Haunted Smurfs / Sideshow Smurfs.

Now talk about the movie briefly, but don’t give away any key things about the movie. Most professional reviews always include a recap of the film because most readers will want to know a little bit about the film and get the general idea of what the film is about. the smurf 2 movie You can talk about the basics of the film and give a brief outline of how the film builds but don’t give away key moments and definitely don’t give away the ending. Keep the synopsis brief as your readers will be more interested in what your opinion of the film is.

The Blu-Ray includes a 22-minute cartoon called The Legend of Smurfy Hollow, which takes place exclusively in the Smurf Village with no human characters starring in it at all. It opens in the CG animation style of the movie and then transitions into hand-drawn animation as the story is told around a campfire. It’s actually a reminder of how much better The Smurfs work as an ensemble in their animated world than when they’re forced to pair up with human, live action actors. I have to wonder if a fully CG animated movie would fair better than the human/animated character hybrid formula that Hollywood is obsessed with.

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After their arrival in Paris, Patrick and his wife Grace work together with Victor to distract Gargamel during one of his performances while the Smurfs sneak backstage in order to find Smurfette, only to discover what Gargamel is planning. At the same time, Smurfette escapes from the prison and Vexy and her partner Hackus chase after her. Upon her return to Gargamel’s hotel suite with the Naughties, Gargamel presents her with a tiny dragon wand as a feigned act of kindness, claiming that he was Smurfette’s father all along and that Papa Smurf had no interest in her.

Hank Azaria is the best reason to watch these Smurf films. He steals the show as Gargamel. He reminds me of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films. Overall, I had the same reaction to this film as I did the smurf 2 movie the original . It is cute and has some good moments. I only recommend the film, for Azaria’s performance in it. Papa Smurf: It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is what you choose to be.

Of TWILIGHT that makes TWILIGHT look like CITIZEN KANE. The Globe and Mail states, Within this bloated fantasy hodgepodge, there are few grace notes: In the role of the creepy fortune teller, Madame Dorothea, CCH Pounder (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) is evil fun. And a few special effects, including a Rottweiller who turns into a skinned hellhound, leave an impression. Otherwise, Mortal Instruments manages to occupy 130 minutes of frantic, numbing, activity.” Synopsis: After teen Clary Fray witnesses a murder at a New York nightclub, a sinister stranger named Valentine attacks and kidnaps her mother.

It’s up to Neil Patrick Harris to overcome the movie’s shameless embrace of obnoxiousness through sheer force of likability, aided and abetted by Glee’s Jayma Mays. As we mentioned, Harris learns how to be a better marketer by hanging out with the Smurfs — who help him to realize that the best way to sell completely useless anti-aging creams and beauty products to people is by channeling his own sincerity and personal emotions into his ad campaign.

The Smurfs 2 Movie Starring Neil Patrick Harris, K...

The Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer’s newest creation – creatures called the Naughties – into real Smurfs.

Do you want to WIN all of these and MORE? In this Giveaway you will receive a Smurfs bundle including: The Smurfs 2, The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, Ubisoft Smurfs video game, as well as Smurfs 2 toys. This is such a great prize pack to curl up on the couch and have a Smurfily fantastic day! The Smurfs 2 is so boring that you may even fall asleep although it never dumps down much neither it is absurd.

Some animated films are at least able to skate by with a less-than-stellar script thanks to quality work by the animators, but in The Smurfs 2 even that aspect is a total mixed bag. There were some moments in the movie where I was honestly amazed by the rendering of the CGI characters – featuring very life-like (albeit blue) skin and beautiful eyes – but other moments made it abundantly clear that some of the characters are simply a collection of pixels. One would think that the animation process would be less taxing on a hybrid movie like this one, but it still seems like the team could have used a few more months to get the job done.

A Live-Action Adaptation of the Belgian comicbook The Smurfs , released on July 29, 2011. The story focuses on six of the Smurfs (Papa, Smurfette, Brainy, Gutsy, Clumsy and Grouchy) who get transported via a magical portal to modern day New York City after the evil the smurfs 2 movie wizard Gargamel manages to finally locate their village. Once there, they run into a young couple, Patrick and Grace Winslow ( Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays ), who act as their Secret Keeper until they can figure out a way to return to their own world.

The Smurfs 2 finds the Smurfs happily enjoying their peace, far from the terror of Gargamel. It’s Smurfette’s birthday, and everyone is secretly planning a surprise party for her, but that leads her to believe that they’ve all forgotten what day it is. The fact she thinks her birthday is forgotten, combined with her recurring nightmare about Gargamel causing her to turn on the Smurfs, causes her to question whether she really belongs with the Smurfs.

Blended (2014) Blu-ray

Synopsis: After a dreadful blind date single parents Jim (Sandler) and Lauren (Barrymore) want nothing more to do with one another only to find themselves thrust together on a holiday resort designed to ‘blend’ families together.

Blended” marks the third comedy collaboration between stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, following their successful onscreen pairings in the hit romantic comedies 50 First Dates” and The Wedding Singer.” After a disastrous blind date, single parents Lauren (Barrymore) and Jim (Sandler) agree on only one thing: they never want to see each other again. But when they each sign up separately for a fabulous family vacation with their kids, they are all stuck sharing a suite at a luxurious African safari resort for a week.

This happened quite a lot in movies back in the 90’s, but not so much nowadays; you know how the child clutches his or her baseball bat tightly, scanning the applauding crowd for signs of dad” who hasn’t shown up due to being a lazy asshole. This happens in Blended when Lauren’s son takes part in a season game, and felt incredibly cliché. But then I guess a child frowning at his or her Xbox because dad” hasn’t logged on to support them during Grand Theft Auto would lack tradition.

Sandler and Barrymore clearly enjoy working together, but the comedic chemistry they shared in their previous collaborations isn’t nearly as charming this time around. They’re occasionally “cute” as opposites who attract, but most of the movie is so forgettable, blended movie cast predictable (a few jokes seemed directly cribbed from Modern Family ), and broad in terms of the humor (so many masturbation jokes!), that this just isn’t the magical reunion that The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates fans hoped to see.

The after party also provided a massage station, open bar and African dancers who greeted guests similar to the way they greeted the hotel’s patrons in the movie. The site also gives some character breakdowns; I cut out some explicit spoiler info from this character lineup, but obviously if you don’t want to know much about the film at this point, avoid reading the quoted blocks below.

My About Review The Hunger Games

Discover God’s promise for all people—told beautifully and clearly from the beginning. Discover The HOPE! Watch it on-line, full-length motion picture.

And all of that is bigger than the love story – the speculation about who Katniss will choose, Peeta or Gale. While Katniss continues to love them both, romance has never been a priority for her and that stays true in Mockingjay. It’s always been about survival for Katniss and making sure her loved ones, including Gale and Peeta, survive too. Nevertheless, the war does eventually come to an end and she does make a choice. Because she’s been to hell and back and lost so much along the way, the decision, the ending, seems somewhat real.

Once in the jungle, the movie sparks to life with pools of scalding water, attacks by evil monkeys and Katniss’ complicated relationships with Johanna (two alpha females vying for queen of the pride) and Fiddick. (This warrior woman has more potential suitors than any hunger games catching fire review Disney princess.) She also befriends an older couple, Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) and Wiress (Amanda Plummer). The two-time Tony winners (he for Angels in America and Topdog/Underdog, she for Agnes of God and Pygmalion) could have been content slumming in genre fare.

The Hunger Games films might not be as cringe-inducing as the Twilight series, but they’re just as bland.” I think uttering Twilight in the same sentence as Hunger Games isn’t remotely a fair comparison. At least on a character level, I think it’s fair to say that the character of Katniss upholds a female power-lead that we haven’t really successfully seen since Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley. Do I think her legacy will touch theirs? Absolutely not. But Bella Swan contributed absolutely nothing as a character in film, and the Twilight franchise contributed nothing original.

I have never read the original novels, so I have only a vague idea of where the story is going, and no idea at all how faithful the films have been to the books. But I found I cared about this film in a way that I don’t recall caring about the original Hunger Games, which came out a year and a half ago. I was more impressed by how the film looked, and by the complicated interactions between our protagonists, which no longer fit quite so neatly into the familiar formula whereby a hero is called, trained, sent on some sort of quest and then returned to his or her home.

Where To Read Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Full Sinop...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 currently sits pretty at 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, hereby making it the worst-reviewed Spider Man movie ever released. The much-maligned Spider-Man 3 sits at 63%, so I guess it must say something about how much people disliked this latest installment when the 10 minutes of Venom, Emo Peter and the infamous dance scene were better received than what’s currently in cinemas.

And where I live, we don’t have many opportunities to audition for movies so when a chance like this comes along, I’ll take it with all I’ve got! To be in the movie would be huge but even being behind the amazing spiderman 2 movie scenes and watching the magic happen would be an honor. It’s an experience of a lifetime that I’d love to be able to experience. Besides that, all I can say is thank you so much for the opportunity!

I only saw the first one, but it doesn’t look like my biggest problems were addressed in ASM2 either. First is that the visual effects are incredibly obvious and are everywhere – it looked like a video game most of the time. I don’t hate Garfield, but he doesn’t sell to me as a nerdy outcast, and even though I don’t like Tobey, he definitely did. Otherwise I don’t feel they have any character, which was all over Raimi’s. All subjective.

Umm, excuse me, but isn’t that what a score is supposed to do? The whole reason the score of a film, TV show, or video game is there is so that you feel something and so that you’re invested in what’s going on! Take horror movies for example, without the creepy piano music in the background, you wouldn’t know the feel scared, or in The Dark Knight Rises when Bruce is climbing out of the pit and you have the epic score with the drums beating and the prisoners chanting, that’s supposed to make you feel empowered, larger than life, and it works!

I would love the oppurtunity to work in this film. I’d also love to be part of the cast. This would be the chance of a lifetime. Please consider emailing or calling me, it would mean the world. Thanks so much! Every artist who tries to break with the rules has to face criticism by traditionalists like Clemmensen. He’s that sort of people who just can’t accept that the “John Williams era” is over.


The Maze Runner could’ve very easily ended up a cynical, boy-centric response to The Hunger Games franchise. It has a cast of young dudes, a premise and structure that are so video gamey it almost hurts and the general teen-dystopian feel that’s all the rage in Young Adult literature (like Hunger Games, it’s also adapted from a YA series) these days.

If you run through this maze to the final credits, don’t expect to escape with any answers. The only answer you’ll find is you surrendered up $10.50 for your ticket. The only persons who can expect to find their way through this maze are the Director Wes Ball and his screenwriters, who will likely find a way to split the third movie in the trilogy into two parts in order to maximize the box office take from undiscriminating moviegoers.

The first of a trilogy, The Maze Runner by James Dashner and the author follows a boy named Thomas who wakes up one day to find himself trapped in a large maze with many other children. Thomas has no memory of the outside world, except the flashes that come to him in dreams. These dreams contain memories of a mysterious organization known as WCKD Using her dreams as a reference and collect clues along the way in the maze, Thomas hopes to discover your true purpose and find a way out.

I loved this movie! I thought most of the changes were fine, found the Grievers perfectly awful and horrifying, the Gladers all pulled off their characters, and I thought all of the scenes in the Maze were great. Despite changes I thought the movie really maze runner movie represented the spirit of the book (the mystery, confusion, and excitement). The effects were well done. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Scorch Trials! I saw J. Dashner in the W.C.K.D council. Here’s hoping he’ll play Rat Man in the next one!

This week on The Collision , Perri and I talk about this past weekend’s big hit, The Maze Runner. We talk about why it works as a movie, how it differs from the book, how greater fidelity to the source material might have improved the film, how the picture fits into the larger YA movie landscape, and more. As always, we finish up with recommendations. When a girl is delivered to the boys and a note saying she will be the last, they must take charge of their future.

The Maze Runner (Movie) Online Free

This weekend yet another young-adult novel adaptation hits theaters. The Maze Runner, based on a best-selling trilogy, is expected to top the box office with $33 million, according the maze runner movie to Exhibitor Relations . That would give it the biggest opening of any movie since August 8th when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brought in $65 million opening weekend.

Gally is not much better, as Kofi said, he came off as a hater. I thought we were going to see the arc begin when him and Thomas first fought, and Thomas threw him down. I was hoping that was going to be the push Gally needed to begin to buddy up with Thomas and actually develop an arc. Instead he went the other route, and kept on hating and just being repetitive with his dialogue and message.

In short, this movie is a great entertaining watch. The world of the characters are realistic feel, the gorgeous but deadly maze is amazing and is more than you might expect from an adaptation of the live-action film. The end makes me want to see next and I was wondering about the “creators” what to and what kind of challenge is the side of those who survived. You can expect to see the next Maze Runner movie in theaters next year on September 18.

I enjoyed reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner and found the premise interesting: a boy named Thomas finds himself delivered to the Glade, an isolated place full of other boys and surrounded by a maze. There are no adults around and everyone’s memory is erased before arriving. Each night the boys are locked in the Glade as the Grievers, nasty, vicious monsters that are a mix of organic and mechanical, roam the maze and kill anyone they can find. Every month for two years a new boy is delivered to the Glade; however, the day after Thomas arrives, a girl is delivered, speaking an ominous message.

One of my favourite aspects of The Maze Runner is the new language the characters create during their time living with one another. Completely devoid of memories of their past they quickly develop their own entertaining slang. I love how this allows the boys in the book to “swear” as boys often do, but without having the book filled with profanity. I have now read both the Maze Trials and the Scorch Trials, and I absolutely love them.